Personal Training

Individualized training tailored to your goals, strengths and weaknesses, fitness level, past or current injuries, etc. We work together to create a customized fitness plan that works best for you and allows you to achieve results. 

Pay As You Go:

 $66 per session (pay as you go)


Package Deal:

 10 sessions for $444 ($44 per session)


* These sessions expire within 12 weeksfrom the day of purchase. (Unless discussed otherwise)


Monthly Payment Plan:

$222 / MONTH (includes 6 sessions per month)


* Paid same day of each month (6 sessions) ($37 / session)

* If you do not use the 6 sessions within the month they cannot be carried over into the following month - they expire at the end of each month. 

* Option to add ‘additional sessions’ to the month for a deal of $44 per session (reg. $66)

* Must lock into a three-month contract (minimum)

Group Personal Training

4-WEEK group fitness programs (8 sessions) 

When: 2x per week 

Cost: $121 

Please contact for available program dates / times

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