Mind Body Warrior


These workshops can be tailored to all ages and genders; however, our main target is for youth females between 12-18 years old. These workshops are an interactive approach to teaching the importance of health, self-love, body positivity, self-worth, mental health awareness, personal development and wellness.


Danielle Siroen of Inspirations Aesthetics and myself run these workshops to create a safe space where these topics can be discussed openly. We recognize the need for this type of program and want these discussions to become more commonplace. It is so important to us that we offer this space where everyone can feel supported and understood.


In our society many people are struggling in secret, leaving them feeling confused and alone. We would like to offer our guidance to help them navigate through life’s tougher moments. We ran our first workshop with great success and had some amazing breakthroughs, further showing us that the need is there.


These workshops are flexible and can be tailored to specific topics if needed. We can also run them for sports teams and add in the importance of teamwork and positive team mindset, etc. They include conversations, interactive activities, the chance to ask anonymous questions and other ideas that come to our mind.


If you are interested in having us run a workshop for you or would like further details please contact us. These workshops also include on-going support, guidance and re-direction.


We look forward to speaking with you!

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